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The labels are wrong. They purposely calculate fat content by weight and not calories.

If you are a body builder, dieter, or someone who wants to eat a healthy lifestyle, then this app is a must.

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Keith KleinKeith Klein "The Nutritionist" Founder & CEO, Institute of Eating Management

Trained in Clinical Nutrition at the Institute of Specialized Medicine during the early 1980s, Keith Klein spent five years at the Institute working along side some of Houston's most prestigious physicians. In 1986, Keith began working with psychiatrist Dr. John H. Simms, where he became the Dietetic Director. Keith designed and implemented the dietary protocol and dietetic programs that were used in all of Dr. Simm's clinics. After Dr. Simm's retired, Keith opened The Texas Nutrition Clinic in conjunction with Dr. Ron Preston and the Houston Sports Medicine Clinic.

Daniel RodriguezDan Rodriguez "The Average Consumer" Co-Host

For 15 over years, Dan Rodriguez has been passionate about personal fitness and nutrition. Like most people, he was frustrated and confused by all the misinformation introduced by the media food chain. Up until his consultation with The Institute of Eating Management, Dan struggled with losing weight and getting in shape. The knowledge he gained from Keith Klein and his firm allowed him to get in to the best shape ever.